Thursday, June 14, 2012

Spring 2012 Pennypack Photo Contest 

Winning Images of the Spring 2012 Pennypack Photo Contest 

First Signs of Spring

1st Place:   Peter Gkonos

2nd Place:   Ed Higgins

3rd Place:   Ernest Koch

Spring Colors 

1st Place:   Ernest Koch 

2nd Place:   Kathy Leister

3rd Place:    Brett Pitcarin


1st Place:   Edward Spector 

2nd Place:   Gretchen Keith 

3rd Place:   Jeanne Black

Birds, Bugs & Wildlife 

1st Place:   Fran Ventura 

2nd Place:   Jim Collins

3rd Place:   Kathy Leister 

People in Nature 

1st Place:   Jake Glassman & Matt Gurbarg 

2nd Place:   Dan Sneberger

3rd Place:   Joy Feerrar

The Unseen Pennypack 

1st Place:   Gretchen Keith 

2nd Place:   Edward Spector 

3rd Place:   Edward Spector 

The Glory of Springtime

1st Place:   Anna Mindel 

2nd Place:   Jake Glassman & Matt Gurgarg

3rd Place:   Jody Weaver

Congratulations to the winning photographers 

Big Thanks to everyone who participation  

On Behalf of

The Pennypack Ecological Restoration Trust

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